December 13, 2007

Journalists lose their cool

This week, both Pat Pillai of E-TV news and David O’ Sullivan of Radio 702 lost it with their respective guests. Finally, the objective veneer cracked and their feelings came out. I reckon 47-million South Africans applauded them because we’re just as gatvol as Pat and David.

Pat Pillai was interviewing the CEO of Eskom (I think) on this load-shedding debacle that’s facing us. After a feeble attempt at justifying the reason for their being no electricity for tax-paying South African citizens (we never expected the demand to become so huge …), Pat just raised his hand and said, "that’s unacceptable" and cut the mampara off. Loved it.

By the way Eskom, Clem Sunter on his worst day could have predicted this would happen. Didn’t it occur to you that by mothballing power stations, sending electricity to dictatorship run countries such as Zimbabwe and dropping bolts into nuclear power stations would have a negative effect on us? You’re my first Mampara for the week. And saying you weren’t thinking about adding more power stations in 1994. Of course you weren’t, you were just thinking of more power, weren’t you?

Yesterday (Wednesday), Mampara number two was interviewed by David O’ Sullivan – a Metro Police spokesperson regarding the lack of metro police at crucial breakdown points like the Grayston offramp.

The traffic lights were out because of Mampara number one’s (Eskom’s) load-shedding strategy.

The gridlock was crazy. Chris Wilkinson comes on air and says that everything is "under control". That’s when David lost it entirely. Love you for that, man.

Jacques de Villiers is a sales trainer, professional speaker and consultant in South Africa.

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