September 9, 2019

Jacques de Villiers is presenting a discourse at Lokinwi Body, Mind & Spirit Fair

Lokinwi Body, Mind & Spirit Fair

I’ll be presenting Practicing For Death Helps Me Live at the Lokinwi Body, Mind & Spirit Fair on 14 September 2019.

Here’s the gist of the discourse:

As a practising Sufi and armchair Stoic memento morri (Remember you will die) is carved into my psyche.

The timeless words of Roman Emperor and Stoic Philosopher, Marcus Aurelius, are etched into my heart: “You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think.”

Join me as I unfurl a three-year journey into the inner heartbeat of Sufism that taught me how to live my best life, NOW.

This discourse will help you answer some of the questions that may be bothering you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to really live in the moment
  • Why practising for death is totally liberating and is life-affirming
  • How to live a life of courtesy and deliberateness
  • How to find your purpose and place in this world
  • That you’re the point of this whole exercise
  • How to inspire awe in the grand design that manifests in your life
  • How to use gratitude as an antidote depression
  • Why meditation and seclusion are powerful tools to discovering the real you
  • How to reframe any obstacle and pitfall into a positive experience
  • That the search for happiness isn’t a Grail Quest and that it is attainable

If you want to design a life of fulfilment, join me at Lokinwi.

Date: 14 September 2019
Auditorium 1
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