December 7, 2009

Is Your Browser Diminishing Your Brand?

I’ve just redone my marketing website and was pretty chuffed with the result. I got a call from Adolph Kaestner saying my website was a dog’s breakfast and doing my brand a disservice. “Have you been drinking? Because on my screen it looks beautiful,” I replied somewhat whiningly.

It turns out that my website looked great on Firefox, but didn’t stack up in Explorer. It looked horrible. I checked out a couple of fellow PSASA members websites and found that they also had the same issue. Good on Firefox, not so hot on Explorer. So, go now and check what your website looks like on different browsers if you want to keep your brand integrity.

I’d check out Firefox, Explorer (older and newer versions) and Safari. I’m sure there’s a bunch of others. In terms of font, the best one to use is a san serif one called Verdana. Never use Times on a website. Times is for paper and there’s a reason for that, but we don’t have time for a typography lesson now, do we?

Oh, and check out your website on different size screens. If your website is set up in a smaller area it may look tiny on a big 20” screen. Yup, nobody said this website and branding thing was easy.

Business Generator, Jacques de Villiers is a sales training expert.

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