January 21, 2010

Internet Marketing: Google & the Art of Dating Angelina Jolie

Article by Jacques de Villiers published in Meetings SA and CEO Magazine.

“If you build it, they will come.” This is the attitude of many
companies when they build their websites. They think that customers
will come streaming in and that a website will be a panacea for all
their financial woes. It may have been true when Theodore Roosevelt
uttered those immortal words about the Panama Canal, Angelina Jolie2 but it’s not true
for your website.

A website is like a marriage … if you want it to be successful, you
need to work at it consistently. If it is neglected, it’ll wither and
die. In Google terms, it means your website ends up on page 1000 in the
rankings. Your website may as well be dead.

Besides not working on their website, companies make these two mistakes:

1. A graphic designer is in charge of building the website

They don’t involve their marketing specialist. They source the website
function to either a graphic designer or their IT specialist. So, they
end up with a beautiful and fully functional website with all the bells
and whistles, but few people visit the site.

Savvy companies make sure that their marketing specialist is the
architect of an Internet marketing strategy (there’s more to an
Internet marketing strategy than just a website).

A marketers hand at the tiller is important because marketers are
trained to ask the essential questions of a successful website:
– Who do we want to come to our website?
– What are we going to tell them?
– What do we want them to do?

2. Your website is too complicated to navigate (Don' make me think)

If your website is complicated and you make me think too hard,
you’ll lose me. Keep it simple and easy to use and I’ll hang out a bit
so that you have enough time to persuade me to do something that will
bring your company profits.

Road Map to Successful Internet Marketing (and dating Angelina Jolie)

If you’re at all serious about generating revenue from your website you
have to take search engine optimisation seriously. If you don’t have
any visitors, you can’t convert any sales. And, to get eyeballs onto
your website, you need to be in at least get a Top 20 ranking on
Google. The ultimate, of course is to get a #1 ranking on Google. This
is where you you start hitting the jackpot.

You’d employ the same strategies to get onto Google’s radar screen as
you would to get onto Angelina Jolie’s. Why would an Angelina Jolie
consider dating you in the first place (if she weren’t attached to Brad Pitt, of
course). She’s not going to hang out with you if you don’t have
charisma, if you’re unknown and unkempt, is she? She’s going to hang
out with someone that’s confident, charismatic, knows where he’s going
and how he’s going to get there, someone who is popular, and someone
that others will vouch for. Google works in very much the same way.

People have to be talking about you

Like Angelina Jolie, Google also likes to hang out with the popular
crowd. Google wants to know if you are popular and if you have
information that’s relevant to your target auience. Google is looking
for your URL(website name) to be on other websites. The more popular
the website is that vouches for you, the better chance you have of
getting ranked higher in the Google hierarchy.

You’ve got to be industrious

Angelina Jolie likes to see her man at work – it shows that he’s
diligent and productive. So does Google. She likes websites that are
worked on. The more you work on your website, the more she visits you.
And, the more she visits you, the more chance you have of raising your
Google rankings.
Size Counts
I’m not sure about Angelina Jolie, but Google definitely likes size.
The bigger your website the better. So, if you think you’re going to
cut it with a Readers Digest version, think again. Think Leo Tolstoy’s
novel, War and Peace. Remember, Google is a purveyor of relevant
information. The more information you can give Google on your specific
offering, the better. When Google sees lots of pages, she considers
your site to be a valuable resource site. This favours your website

Age is an Attitude

Why do some women date older men? They’re normally more stable,
credible and valuable. They make one feel safe. Google also likes her
men older. She likes a website that’s been around for a while and will
be around for a while. She wants to see stability, credibility and
value. This normally comes with age, doesn’t it? That’s why, when a new
website is born, Google puts it in a sandbox with the other kids so
that it can play. If you’re lucky, you’ll only get indexed on Google
six months after you make your new website live. So, don’t ever retire
your existing website, rather improve on it.

Romance is a Good Thing

Getting Google to rank you highly so that you get quality visitors to
your website is one thing, keeping them there is another. Sometimes
your visitors bounce of your site at a rate of 80%. This means that
they’ve spent less than 30 seconds on your site because it hasn’t
hooked them or the site is not relevant to their needs. That’s why you
should make your website sticky. Use persuasive words, words that are
compelling and words that get people to take action.

Follow these rules of copywriting and you should do just fine – State a
problem you can solve, make a big promise as to how you’ll solve the
problem, show a solution that will solve the problem … make sure it is
packed with reams of benefits, have testimonials, give a guarantee and
have a call to action.

If you want Google to help you achieve your business objectives, then
you’ve got to take Internet marketing seriously and see it as a
mainstream marketing discipline that will add profits to your business.

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3 Comments on “Internet Marketing: Google & the Art of Dating Angelina Jolie

January 22, 2010 at 8:48 am

Always excellent advice, well done Jacques

January 22, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Thanks for the reminders, Jacques. I was about to retire an old website that I thought was worn out. You stopped me just in time.

Larna Anderson
February 16, 2011 at 2:02 pm

Fabulous, Jacques! Now just tell me how to date Brad — kidding! Interconnecting and linking with social media sites helps a great deal, as does strategically placing one’s name and key words folks would search 🙂


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