Intent selling sales training course

Intent Selling

I get it. This is a competitive world.


As a sales professional you’re competing to get on the scoreboard, to hit your targets and earn your commission.


But, it can be a struggle, can’t it?


Month in and month out, around the 25th you’re stressing about whether you’re going to hit your target or not. Am I right?


Mostly you don’t hit your target.


I’ve been there. And, sometimes I’m still there.


There must be a better way to make a living than being predatory and doing whatever it takes to close a deal.


Or worse, being a servant to a master (your prospect or customer) whilst they squeeze every ounce of dignity out of you and feed you crumbs from the table.


What if there were a way for you to fall in love with your job again and boost your sales to boot? Would that be of interest to you?


If so, then Intent Selling may just be up your alley.


The process is designed to put the human back into the process of selling.


What you’ll discover will help you do work that fulfils you.


You’ll become authentic, trustworthy and likeable.


On the workshop you’ll learn:


How to develop a contribution mindset


How to set your customers up for success every time


How to love the work you do


How to have harmony in your life


How to set authentic goals that actually mean something


How to feel secure, powerful, fulfilled and truly happy


And, of course, how to sell so that everyone wins, your customer, your company and you


Arcane Knowledge

Arcane Sales Training Knowlege

I use arcane knowledge to help you make sense of where you’re at so that you can map out a more compelling future for yourself.


The fingerprints of Carlos Castaneda, the Stoics, the Sufis, Ayn Rand, Carl Jung, Joseph Jaworski, Etsko Schuitema, the Spartans, Henry Thoreau, Neal Donald Walsh and even the poet, Charles Bukowski are all over this piece of process.


It doesn’t matter if you haven’t heard of some of these people. What matters is that I have and I’ve studied their works and distilled their knowledge into a piece of process that will help you become a better human being and a better sales person.