October 28, 2015

I’m too flabby for Facebook

Homer Simpson jacques de villiers

It’s been apparent for a while now that I’m getting too flabby for my size 32 pants and the Siren’s song of stretch pants is starting to pull at me. I can deal with my daughter saying, “Daddy, shouldn’t you be running more?” Everyone’s a critic these days, even a nine-year-old. 😉

Criticise my waistline, not my writing

But, when someone says that my writing is too “Flabby for Facebook” … that’s where I draw the line. Call me fat, but don’t call my writing fat.

I recently posted an article on Facebook and one of the criticisms I got was that it was too long. I was flabbergasted. It wasn’t exactly a War and Peace marathon, it came in at a scrawny 250 words. Not exactly taxing.

My judgement filter kicked in just a nanosecond before my curiosity one and I thought, “What an idiot.”

But then I became curious and pondered for a while.

Maybe the critique on my writing is a sign of the times.

We’re fed on dumbed-down, bite-sized portions

We get everything fed to us in dumbed-down, bite-sized portions so that it is easier for us to understand. We want instant gratification. We want bottled answers to our problems. One swig and all is solved. We want a frictionless world where we go straight to the happy ending. We’re happy to dig for answers, so long as they’re not more than 140 characters. We like surface we don’t like depth. It appears that we’re more Homer Simpson than Homer (the Greek guy).

I’ve discovered a long time ago that trying to figure out this journey we’re on takes a bit more than stuffing around on Facebook and trilling on Twitter. And, one Instagram selfie is not worth 1000 words … you don’t know the real shit the person who posted it is actually going through.

Get into the mud of your soul

Finding answers to our problems and figuring out how we are going to check out one day with some semblance of nobility is a messy business. We have to get into the mud of our soul and dig ourselves out of the darkness into the light. To do this we have to get dirty. We have to live. We have to mess up. We have to learn. We have to forgive ourselves and others. We have to question.

Most of all, we have to face ourselves. That mask must fall so that we can deal with ourselves. And, that’s sometimes where the disconnect is. Very few of us want to dig deep into our psyche to figure out what we’re really about and what’s really important. And, why we actually chose this existence.

Because if we did, we might just find that the path we’re on has no heart. And, it is hard to deal with the fact that we’re on the wrong path. It is hard to scratch a scab and see what is festering beneath.

It is much easier to choose to be distracted so that we don’t have to think too hard. The reality of who we are might be too much to handle.

The reality of who you are would be awesome

But, I think the reality of who we are would be awesome. We have the potential to be anything we want to be. We just need to dig a little deeper, spend more time with our thoughts and start figuring things out for ourselves.

I’m convinced that were not put on this planet just for our pleasure, I think each one of us is here for a purpose. The trick, I suppose, is to figure that out for ourselves.

Maybe if we do start figuring things out for ourselves we won’t end up in “hell” where, when we’re called home, our architect will hold us to account and show us what our potential was and how we squandered it. That’s going to be a sad day indeed.

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