January 12, 2011

I’m Sorry You’re Having Such A Bad Day

A Sales Manager’s Letter

Dear Sales Professional,

I watched you today, as I do every day, trudging into our offices at 08h30. Your face … downcast and sad. I watch you as you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. I feel really bad, feeling that I have failed you in some way. Why can’t I get and keep you motivated? Why can’t I help you bring in more sales? Why can’t I make you happy?

Watching you fumble your way around your desk leaves me in agony because I know that you’re just as awkward getting through your life. I’m saddened that I cannot do anything to take your pain away. I watch you get a cup of coffee from the coffee machine … the mat in front of it worn down by the tramp of a 1000 feet a day.

You’re joined by someone else. Your face lights up and I see your first smile for the day. Soon you’re joined by others and I see you laughing. I’m so glad that your mood has lifted. As I walk past your office at around 09h15, I see you chuckling at something you’re reading in this morning’s paper.

I notice that there is a lot of dust on your telephone. I really must have a word with the cleaning lady … she’s really not doing a good job. We can’t have dust all over the show. It’s not good for our sinuses. It’s just after 15h00 and I see you stride back into the office. You’re smiling and slightly glassy-eyed and smell of garlic. I’m glad your day has improved.

You’re a bit clumsy I see … there’s a grease spot on your tie that wasn’t there this morning. You must have got that when you were visiting your prospect I’m sure. I see you glance at your watch, pack up your brief case and grab your gym bag.

When I look up again, you’re gone. It’s 16h00. I hope that tomorrow you’ll get a second chance to make the same difference you made today. I know you’ll get just about what you deserve tomorrow.

Yours Sincerely

Sales Manager

PS: Success doesn’t have to be an unconquerable fortress for you. If you’re serious and passionate about your profession and put in the hard hours, you will be successful.

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One Comment on “I’m Sorry You’re Having Such A Bad Day

Mark Pretto
April 7, 2011 at 7:18 pm

Early in my sales career I was a little shocked when my manager said that he could not motivate me. He was a wise man and went on to say that he could perhaps inspire me.
I find that as a sales manager for a telesales company that I too can only inspire and lead those who are willing, who are hungry, who have a burning desire to succeed.
I had to leave my office for a short while today and what I saw upon returning illustrates this very well. My team members who are doing really well were on the phones and sounding good, vibrant and full of energy.Those who are not performing were sitting at their desks and not putting much effort in, I then noticed that the non performers had snacks on their desks and those who were making sales did not.

They all have the same training, leads and tools.They all attend my twice daily motivational meetings ( should I rather say inspirational meeting ? ) and I meet with them all individually on a weekly basis to see how I can help them achieve their goals, find out what really motivate them etc.
As Les Brown says ” you gotta be hungry ”

Positive Regards
Mark Pretto


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