December 7, 2009

IBurst can’t convert leads to sales

IBurst won't sell me anything!

I've been trying to compare the Iburst solution with the Neotel solution. I'm currently an IBurst subscriber. I sent two emails via to request someone to contact me.

Then I contacted Zoe, marketing manager's office. One of her staff said they'd get someone to phone me regarding my query. I'm still waiting (5 days later).

Zoe, your lead generation is OK, but your conversion process sucks. Imagine that you don't follow up with 5 prospects a month – you're losing an average of R200 per month, per person. That's R24 000 over the two year contract that you're losing out on. I'd suspect that IBurst probably loses more than 5 people a day based on my experience.

Before IBurst wipes its eyes out, Neotel will take market share.

So, this week's mampara is IBurst.

Business Generator, Jacques de Villiers specialises in marketing, public relations and sales.

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