September 3, 2019

How to download your connections from Linkedin

I got this super tip on how to download your connections from LinkedIn from one of my favourite companies, Sumo. You’ll be able to access Sumo’s full article at the end of step 6.

To export LinkedIn connections:

  1. Head to the LinkedIn site on your computer (this doesn’t work on mobile).
  2. Click the My Network icon in the main nav.
  3. Click Connections on the left of your screen.

4. In the top right of the next screen, click Manage synced and imported contacts.

5. Under Advanced actions, click the Export contacts link.

6. Tick the Connections checkbox, then click Request archive to get the email addresses of all your connections emailed to you within 10 minutes.

So now you have the data. What next? Go to the Sumo article and click on the: Day 4. Email your Linkedin contacts and it will show you how to go about connecting with.

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My best to you, Jacques

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