August 25, 2011

How To Close More Deals More Consistently

Three of South Africa’s top sales and marketing experts have joined forces for half a day to enlighten, enchant, entertain and inform sales professionals on
The Neuroscience of Persuasion – How To Close More Deals More Consistently


Seminar Date Venue Time
Neuroscience of Persuasion 4 November Sunnyside Park Hotel, Parktown, Johannesburg 09h00 – 12h00
  • Ian Rheeder – The Neuropsychology of Persuasion [Understand how your prospect’s brain works during the sales process]
  • Ray Patterson – How to become a RAP sales person [Motivating sales people to be proud of their profession]
  • Jacques de Villiers – How to Sell Face-to-Face in a Digital World [Coming to grips with a more sophisticated and discerning buyer]

The Neuropsychology of Persuasion – Ian Rheeder

Ian Rheeder

Ian Rheeder

At a neuropsychological level, few salespeople have ever considered what their customer’s are going through during the sales and negotiation process. Put yourself a decade ahead of the pack and learn to do the following:

  • Understand the Big-8 primal emotions in a sales situation
  • The eight levers of persuasion
  • The neuroscience behind asking the most important trust-building question in sales
  • The neuropsychology behind why we can’t remember names (straight after being introduced to someone)
  • The neuropsychology of handling objections
  • The neuropsychology behind why mentioning ‘win-win’ is so important during negotiations

About Ian

With abundant experience in both B2B and FMCG, Ian Rheeder is a registered Chartered Marketer who differentiates himself as a master of both sales and marketing management. Ian is a full-time marketing consultant and trainer, spending much of his time facilitating strategic workshops with clients. His sales and marketing management experience includes 30 international FMCG & B2B brands.

Ray Patterson – How to become a RAP Sales Professional

Ray Patterson

Ray Patterson

Whenever Ray presents his 45-minute keynote he gets rave review. If you’re going to listen to one ‘sales motivation talk’ this year … this is the one. It will leave you inspired and ready to tackle your sales career with renewed vigor.

  • Stop being a “Rep” (Someone who represents their product or service) and start being a “RAP” Responsible, Accountable and Proud. Someone who uses skills and techniques to SELL their product or service.
  • Be proud of yourself and your profession. Nothing ever happens, until a sales person sells something!
  • Are you EEE enabled. Energy, Enthusiasm and Excitement. These are critical to sales success. Having the knowledge and skills without the right attitude is a recipe for disaster in sales. Everyone relies on your enthusiasm. Your customer, your company and your family.
  • Emotion verses logic. All people buy the same. They make a decision based on an emotion and defend the sale with logic.

About Ray

Is passionate about the sales profession and about sales people being proud of who they are and proud of what they do. He is a dynamic presenter with a lifetimes experience in sales and sales management. With more than 40 years experience in the selling profession, Ray is a ‘salesman’s salesman’.

How to Sell Face-to-Face in a Digital World – Jacques de Villiers

Many sales people are confused and hesitant to embrace the Internet and Social Media to connect with, and sell to, their prospective clients. Sales people need to connect with the buyer on the buyer’s

Jacques de Villiers, South African sales training and marketing expert

Jacques de Villiers

terms … and, if that means that the buyer wants to relate via digital media, then the sales person needs to adapt to the changing demands.

Discover …

  • How to use digital media to find prospects and connect with clients
  • The 3 ways to improve your business
  • The importance of being #1 in your niche market
  • How to position yourself as an expert

About Jacques

Jacques has been helping companies make sense of marketing and sales for real return on investment since 1998.His clients have named him The Business Generator because his marketing and sales strategies, processes and systems have brought them in additional revenue that they never bargained on. His expertise is firmly grounded in the marketing, sales and employee motivation arena. In his journey with his clients, he is laser focused on generating them more revenue through ‘lead generation’, ‘lead conversion’ and motivated staff.

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Investment: R897.00 per delegate.
If you book 5 or more people from the same company, one can attend for free [You pay for 4].

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08h30 for 09h00 – Registration

09h05 – 09h55 – Ray Patterson [How to Become a RAP Sales Professional]

10h00 – 10h45 – Jacques de Villiers [How to Sell Face-to-Face in a Digital World]

10h45 – 11h05 – Tea break

11h10 – 11h55 – Ian Rheeder [The Neuropsychology of Persuasion]

12h00 – Close and Thanks

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