February 10, 2016

How I Abused My “Why Not?”

Kirsten Long - Why not

I have Balekane Mokoditoa to thank for the inspiration for this post. He gave a speech at Toastmasters the other night that truly inspired me. (One of the things I love about Toastmasters!)

He told us that throughout his life he said, “Why not?” whenever someone suggested something. It got him into trouble once or twice but on the whole it has successfully shaped his life. Making the most of every opportunity that came his way enriched his life.

Thinking over the past two months, I realised that I had a similar philosophy.

  • So when my husband suggested we take our overseas family to the Olifants River for the long-weekend in December, I said, “Why not?”
  • When my brother suggested we come to the South Coast for Christmas, I said, “Why not?”
  • When a friend suggested our family joins their’s for New Year in Kenton, I said, “Why not?”
  • When my husband’s mate asked him to be best man at his wedding in the Philippines in the first week of Jan, we said, “Why not?”
  • When we heard about the Parlotones Farewell Concert the day after we got back from the Philippines, I said, “Why not?”
  • When we worked out that our three kids had to be in Stellenbosch a few days later for various reasons, I thought, “Why not drive with them and help them move into their flats?”

Why not indeed?

Once I got home I felt out of sorts. Flat. Sore Body. Not myself.

Then I thought about the hours and hours I’d sat in various modes of transport. I thought about the thousands and thousands of kilometres I’d travelled in a short space of time.

I thought, “You must be mad, girl!”

I believe I may have abused my “Why not?”

However, it was fun! It was an adventure! It was crazy! We saw things we’ve never seen, we experienced things we hadn’t done before. To my huge embarrassment, I even nodded off for a few seconds in the Parlotones concert (whom I love)! Please don’t tell anyone.

Above all, we bonded with people that we love and care about. That’s what made it all worthwhile.

My stern, logical persona wagged her finger at me and told me that it’s important to have some balance in my life.

I agree. I’m back at my desk again, quietly working away the weekdays. I’m loving being back. I’m loving writing articles again. I’m loving connecting with my clients again. Perhaps my life went totally out of balance for a few weeks. That’s OK. It’s OK because now I’m back to relative normality.

“Why not” IS a great way to live your life.

How do you live yours? Do you say “Why not?” and go for it? Or do you come up with all sorts of excuses for not doing something?

A word of caution: It’s OK to abuse your “Why not?” every now and again but don’t make a habit of it!

Thinking about the past mad weeks, I considered the the positives and negatives, the good and the bad, and the happiness and the irritations.

Will I do it again?

Why Not?

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
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