Google and the Art of Dating Angelina Jolie

Its aim is to give real-world strategies on how to get onto the Top 10  in the Google rankings. I’m qualified to speak on this as many of my websites have Top 10 rankings (and sometimes #1 rankings) on Google. Approximately 90% of my sales enquiries come off my websites. The keynote chronicles my journey with the ubiquitous Google.

I introduce you to the immutable laws of successfully dealing with Google through the metaphor of dating Angelina Jolie.

You’ll discover:

  • How to find effective keywords for your industry
  • How to write in a way that attracts Google to your web site
  • How to write persuasive copy to get your visitors to buy your offerin
  • How to get high quality links to your website
  • How to use blogs to drive traffic to your website
  • How to use social media effectively
  • How to build a giant network on the Internet
  • How to find out exactly what your competitors are saying on the Internet.

Target Audience

Marketers responsible for their companies’ Internet marketing strategy.

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