June 10, 2008

God, save us from the rich

My sister related this story to me. At her daughter’s horse riding club she and a couple of moms were killing time, waiting for their little princesses to finish their lessons. They were talking about the petrol price and rising prices in general. one botox-addled, vacuous, trophy wife with nothing much to do, pipes up and says something to the effect of, "Times are getting really tough. We might have to sell one of our 4 horses."

Good grief, woman you’re living in some kind of altered universe. You’re worried about one of your horses when there are people battling to put food on the table and are gasping for survival. Get a grip you stupid woman. You’re definitely my Mampara of the week.

My sister brought up this point. Guess what? She got the proverbial artificially altered lip and a decidedly cold shoulder. She’s not welcome in this clique anymore. And, I don’t think she’s missing too much.

Jacques de Villiers is a sales training expert in South Africa

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