October 30, 2013

Go Slow To Go Fast

Sales Training

The horror writer, Stephen King in his book On Writing suggested that once your manuscript is completed, you should edit out 10% of it.

It makes sense to me. This helps make your writing crisper and clearer.

The 10% rule works for sales professionals too:

  • Take out 10% of the content in your proposals. Most of the content is superfluous in any case and doesn’t add value to the conversation
  • Speak 10% less in a sales pitch and listen more (that figure is probably closer to speak 80% less)
  • Spend 10% more time checking that your proposal is correct, error-free and reflects your company positively
  • Pause for 10% longer before answering a question
  • Spend 10% more time asking the right questions in a sales meetings
  • Spend 10% more time prospecting
  • Spend 10% more time educating yourself in your chosen craft

Whenever I run a sales training intervention my clients want quick results. I would love to tell them that it will take 10% longer to see results. But, in reality it actually takes 5 times longer to see results.

In fact, just about any task in life takes 5 times longer than anticipated because we don’t factor in overconfidence and that life happens.

Maybe spend 10% more time bedding down something so that it is done right first time so that the result doesn’t take 5 times longer than anticipated.

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