Writing your Epic Legacy Story is …

… an awesome way to share your gift with the world, build your brand and boost your business.

There are only two things stopping you from uncaging your epic story …

You think that you want to be a writer … If you were, you wouldn’t be mucking around on my website, would you. The thing would have been written already, wouldn’t it?

You’re also not a masochist, are you? Writing is painful, it’s ego-sapping and an interminable slog. Why put yourself through that pain?

You’re ‘those people’ … you’re as smart as a whip but you’ve been dumbing down your work so that dumb people can feel smart. You play small so that others don’t feel like less. You dull your genius so that you don’t upset the apple cart.

If you’re that person, stop that nonsense. Just ask yourself this question: “What might my life be like if I stand up, stand out and stand in my power? How might I feel to do that?”
Let me help you do this thing. Let me write your epic story. I’ve been wrestling with words for years (12-million or so of them and 30-odd books later).

Even though words are as elusive as sprites and as slippery as quicksilver, I know how to wrangle them into something exceptional. I know how to tell your Epic Story.

Let’s carve out some time to chat to see if we’re the right fit for each other.