May 6, 2009

Garth Strachan, ANC MEC is this week’s mampara

Losing the Western Cape is a bitter pill that the ANC finds hard to swallow. After the DA had the majority last time, the ANC tried everything in its power to destabilise the DA.

Now, with an outright DA majority, the ANC's failure in the Western Cape is highlighted even more.

Instead of trying to discredit the DA, the ANC should be looking to working with its opposition to give the people of the Western Cape a better life. Yes, if the DA slips up, take them to task. Try and catch them doing things right and not doing things wrong. If everyone works together, all the constituencies in the Cape can benefit.

Garth Strachan's rhetoric in Sunday Times (3 May 2009) shows that he is more interested in toppling the DA than helping the people of the Western Cape. "Garth Strachan, an MEC in the ousted ANC adminsitration confirmed that the party would put maximum pressure on Zille's provincial government, using service delivery issues to mobilise communities against it." Come on Garth, grow up and start looking for solutions rather than trying to discredit the opposition.

And, Garth, a further thought for you. Isn't the lack of service delivery a legacy left by you and your provincial government? Do you think the DA  or any other party for that matter can fix up your mess overnight? So, why don't you help the DA fix up the mess you made. That would work for me and for the people of the Cape.

Jacques de Villiers is a motivational speaker and citizen of South Africa.

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