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Fyrefly the website for lightworkers

Are you a Firefly?

There are spiritual beings that grace Earth who have an infinite pull to serve others. They act as a guide posts for humanity and help elevate it to a higher consciousness.

They’re called lightworkers, crystal babies, indigos, earth angels, shamans, star seeds and confidantes. They come in the form of healers, wellness consultants, speakers, coaches, trainers and the like … they’re all around us, and they need to share their gifts so that humanity can thrive.

I call them fireflies … creating a path of light in the darkness to provide a beacon of hope for humanity.

I’ve created an irresistible (free) offer that I believe will help lightworkers; particularly those who are reluctant marketers, share their gift with the world (and, become comfortable charging for it in the process).

You’ll get:

  • A 200-word profile on the directory site ( – it is still under construction) promoting your gift to humanity.
  • Logo and/or photo of you.
  • Links back to your website and all social media properties.
  • Promotion on all my marketing properties.

I invite you to find out more.

You can either go to this page or send your name and email (you’ll get a full explanation of the process). 

Please fill in the contact form below to get more detail.

I invite you to find out more about the Firefly Quest