February 22, 2024

From A Life Sentence to Sentience

Sales motivational speaker in South Africa, Jacques de Villiers writes about prisons of the mind.

Jacques de Villiers – writing quest: Article 32/365

Most of us have been sentenced to a life of shame, apathy, guilt, grief and anger. Our shackles are the negative programmes our jailers (our parents) engineered into us. They implemented programmes to enslave us by imprinting lasting thoughts such as “you’re a stupid child,” “you don’t deserve anything,” “you’ll never achieve anything,” and “you shouldn’t exist.”

They, too, were engineered by their parents, and their parents before them.

Most of our parents were unaware of how easily we as children could be influenced by their words and actions, whether positive or negative. 

In essence, our parents’ behaviours and beliefs became our own.

The reason for this is of course the supercomputer called the human brain. 

It mostly operates at its lowest frequency, 0.5 to 4 cycles per second, known as delta waves, from birth to two years of age. Thereafter, a child begins to spend in theta (4-8 Hz) up until the age of six.

Give me the boy and I’ll give you the man. St Francis of Assisi.

In its first six years of life, children can download an incredible volume of information to help them thrive in their environment. 

Our brains store both negative and positive behaviours and comments as if they were facts, just like a computer’s hard drive stores bits and bytes.

From six years old, children become less susceptible to outside programming with the increasing appearance of alpha waves (8-12 Hz). And, from 12 years onwards, children show sustained periods of beta waves (12-35 Hz). They become less susceptible to outside programming. Perhaps that’s why from 12 years onwards they become rebellious and riotous. It’s as if they know that they have been shackled by their parents’ beliefs. Essentially, they’re doing their best to get out of under the warden’s boot.

When we react negatively to something someone said, it’s often because of a subconscious programme from our childhood. 

Despite our parents’ unintentional (unconscious) efforts to negatively influence us, we have the ability to free ourselves from their programming.

Once we recognise the malware in our brains, we can debug the system and reboot ourselves with a positive programme. 

Once we upgrade our software we can turn a life sentence into sentience. I’d rather be conscious than unconscious, wouldn’t you? Let’s do the work to unshackle ourselves from our limiting beliefs and realise our destiny. 

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