This book will help you triumph personally and professionally

It's like Kintsugi for the soul; filling the fractures in your life with gold to make you secure, powerful, fulfilled and happy.

Jacques de Villiers is represented exclusively by Speakers Inc.

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Jacques de Villiers is a commentator

This book is a commentary with a difference, though. It’s not a comment on the contemporary issues of the day as much as a reflection of who we are facing these issues.

The book is therefore as much an exploration of what goes inside the author as it is a comment on the world he sees. This perspective has produced a particularly instructive text.

One in which the deep humanity of the author resonates with our own, and helps to produce a bond of compassion both with the author and the world he is commenting on.

The book comprises 117 vignettes and is an attempt at helping its readers discover how to lead lives of eloquence, courtesy and deliberateness so that they can find a path that makes them secure, powerful, fulfilled and happy, both personally and professionally.

The Author

Jacques de Villiers

Is a philosopher, mystic and author. Over the past 21 years he has presented philosophical discourses and practical workshops that speak to what it takes to triumph on this human journey more than 1200 times, locally and internationally.

His years of study into the philosophies of the Stoics, Sufi mysticism and Carlos Castaneda amongst others, have given him an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge to help individuals, teams and organisations do their best work so that they can triumph!

What they say?

Jacques is an artisan. He is a committed writer who has taken the 10000 hour rule seriously. He is therefore capable of producing very polished vignettes of insight which are both easy and pleasing to read. The ease of the read and the depth of the insight offered are synthesised into a very worthwhile text.

Etsko Schuitema

Jacques book has had me gripped from the first page. I have been devouring it slowly so as to imbibe each pearl of wisdom. His writing is clearly thought out, descriptive and inspiring. My mind has gone to places long forgotten. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to dust off the cobwebs and think in fresh ways. Jacques is a master creative!

Leigh Joy Mansel-Pleydell

Learn to triumph so that you live a life of security, power, fulfilment and happiness

Jacques de Villiers is represented exclusively by Speakers Inc.

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Read 3 sample chapters here