Fixers We’ve Connected

We’ve connected the following Fixers and organisations.

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Fixer Client Assignment Date
Jacques de Villiers Entrepreneur Development Sales Training 21 June June 2014
Jacques de Villiers SAPTA Keynote Address 2 June June 2014
Jacques de Villiers Call Centre Hub Sales Training 21 May May 2014
Jacques de Villiers Strategic Marketing Solutions Copywriting for website in Bangalore, India May 2014
Social Media Solutions Logan Naidu Design and develop May 2014
Niel Malan Traceability Solutions Millionaires Marketing Summit 15 – 17 May May 2014
PSASA Matla A Bana Donation of R27 000 to the charity April 2014
Robin Banks Continental Tyres Keynote Address April 2014
Robin Banks Pentair Keynote Address April 2014
Jurgen Tietz Total SA Safety Products April 2014
Jacques de Villiers Sothebys Realty Keynote Address March 2014
Stef du Plessis A Farmer’s Co-Op Keynote Address March 2014
Jacques de Villiers Stef du Plessis & Ass Editing of book March 2014
Jacques de Villiers TeleEye Sales Acceleration Consulting (1 year) November 2013
Jacques de Villiers Billy Selekane & Ass Editing of book November 2013
Quick Fox Publishing Logan Naidu Publishing of book – Unleash Your Magic 2013
Quick Fox Publishing Dineshrie Pillay Publishing of book 2013