May 22, 2015

Find a path with heart

Find a path with heart

Spoiler alert. This article is going to make a case for “the journey is more important than the destination”.

On this plane, there are no permanent destinations except for one: death. Of course, depending on what you believe, death is either an end-point (you die and that’s it, game over) or a starting point (you go to heaven/hell or you reincarnate into something else).

So, whatever your destination is, it is really a path to nowhere.

“How can that be?” you may ask. “Paths lead to destinations, they can’t just go nowhere, surely?” Well, yes and no. All paths lead to temporary destinations and then we find other destinations. We never stay in one destination.

Let’s take our life path. Our parents meet and get married. They conceive us. We make it to primary school, then high school, then (if we’re lucky), university, then our career, we marry, we have children, we become grandparents and finally our time arrives and we are no more. Our children and our grandchildren will go on a similar journey.

Each phase of our life and the events that colour it, are temporary destinations.

Maybe you buy this argument; that there’s no destination. But, let’s say you don’t buy the argument and you do believe that (besides the final destination, death) there are many destinations. Ask yourself this question. “Whenever I’ve reached a ‘destination’ have I actually become happier and more important, stayed happy?” I think if you’re really honest, your answer has to be “no”. For example, for most of us our wedding day was supposedly the happiest day of our lives. Ask yourself if you still feel that happiness in that marriage today?

So, destinations and happiness are temporary notions.

So, what’s the answer?

For me it is about the path I take. Find a path with heart. I’ve taken hundreds of paths in my life and because I believe that they don’t lead anywhere, if I’m on a path that doesn’t feel right to me, I get off it.

Why? Because I’m on this planet for such a short time, I don’t have time to waste on a path that doesn’t have heart and bring joy to me. And, the more joy I have in me, the more capacity I have of loving and caring for my fellow man.

I believe our journey is about finding paths that bring joy to us and that make our hearts sing. And when our hearts sing, we make others’ hearts sing too.

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