January 21, 2010

FCUK Advertising

Granted, affront advertising does not work for everyone like it
worked for the British outfitter French Connection UK. Using its
almost-offensive acronym, FCUK saw its sales increase by 40% and its
share price more than double after its billboard campaign.
Most of my clients are B2B, so this kind of gratuitous advertising probably wouldn't go down too well.


Now that I have your attention, I'd like to touch on the B2B customer
acquisition strategy (or lack of). Many companies I have been in touch
with seem to rely on one or two strategies with a hope for the best,
let's see what happens approach.
Most B2B companies rely heavily on their sales forces with little
regard to other client acquisition mechanisms. This is a dangerous
game: what if your sales force doesn't fire and achieve the targets you
set for them for a couple of months? The whole deck of cards comes
tumbling down, doesn't it? An exceptional client acquisition strategy
has at least five legs to stand on. So, if one or two legs are
tottering at least the other three can keep the company stable and keep
bringing in income. Find as many client acquisition strategies as you
can and apply them.

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