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Jacques de Villiers Email Marketing MasterclassIf empty sales appointment diaries and pipelines full of prospects that will never buy from you frustrates you and your sales team, then you might want to consider attending the Email Marketing Masterclass.

Fill Your Diary With Qualified Leads

  • Sales professionals are battling and failing to fill their diaries with quality appointments.
  • Sales managers are frustrated with sales pipelines that are nowhere near reality because more than 40% of the projected sales are never going to happen.

Should Sales Managers Be Lead Generators?

Savvy sales managers have a keen understanding that they can no longer leave lead generation to just the sales team. But that they, in conjunction with their marketing department, play a pivotal role in assisting their sales teams with lead generation.

If there were a way that you could help your sales people fill their diary with hot qualified sales prospects so that they can improve their deal-close ratio, you’d be interested, would’t you?

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Email Marketing Masterclass

The Email Marketing Masterclass will help you do just that … get your sales message in front people who actually want what you have to offer.

Say goodbye to sales pipelines full of time-wasting tyre kickers and hello to real hot, qualified prospects.

Your company will benefit from the  Email Marketing Masterclass because:

  • You’ll get more qualified prospects who have the problem that your product or service solves
  • You’ll build a relationship with your prospects so that when you make your (sales) move, it is welcomed
  • You’ll stop wasting oodles of time and money on sending your sales force out to appointments that are going to be a bust


On the Email Marketing Masterclass you’ll learn:

  • How to plan and execute your email communication
  • How to define your marketing value proposition
  • The 5 steps to nurturing your leads
  • How to score your leads so that you know the optimum time for your sales force to make contact
  • 5 tactics to grow your subscriber list
  • 9 steps to writing compelling sales letters
  • How to track user behaviour so that you can improve your return on marketing investment
  • How to attract more qualified visitors to your website


Who Should Attend

This course is specifically designed for those responsible for lead generation, lead nurturing and sales:

  • Sales managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Digital marketing managers