It didn’t end well for them. All but one (Aristodemos) perished … but that’s another story.


For our purposes, they were the tip of the spear and in honour of them, I have crafted The First 300.


I will help you write your first 300 cornerstone marketing words for you. The tip of the spear, so to speak.


These are the words that’ll underpin your philosophy, your ethos and your message.


Get the register and resonance of these 300 words right and you’ll be able to turn your website visitors into prospects, your prospects into customers and your customers into super fans!


You’ll be able to attract people to your cause. People who appreciate the work you do, the detail of your craft and the passion of your purpose.


You’ll attract people who have heart and soul, just like you. You’ll attract those people who get you because you get them.

You’ll discourage those that bruise and batter your efforts from engaging with you and wasting your time. Those people … that try a cut your price to the bone, that only see your commodity and not your enchanting nature (your artistry, your ethics and your labour of love) and those that put ketchup on everything (even on Nigella Lawson’s food). They are not your tribe. They are not your people.


Let me help you disqualify these people and attract a tribe that will support you.


Let me write your first 300!