December 5, 2017

Direct Response Sales Letter 1

Direct response sales letter - tune up your website

I wrote this direct response sales letter to my email database of 646 people on 5 December 2017.

Direct response sales letter: Share the journey of a direct response copywriter. Sometimes great highs … mostly lows. But all of it is good and makes someone a living.

Date: 5 December 2017
Database: 646
Opens: 155 (24,41%)
Clicks: 17 (2,68%)
Sales: 0

Hey Jacques,

How to figure out if your website needs a tune-up

There’s a simple way to figure out if your website needs a tune-up
or a complete overhaul.

But, there’s a trick to it.

Go to and type in the main keyword that describes
your business e.g. “motivational speakers”, “IT support”, “life coaching”
and so on.

If you’re not in the first 3 pages of Google (or top 30), you have some
work to do on your search engine optimisation.

By the way, your name is not a keyword.

“Suck on that, Jacques. I’m in the top 30, so take whatever you’re 
selling and shove it,” you may say.

Awesome … awesome, email me … I want to know your strategy.

But, hang on one second.

Here’s the trick.

Go back to and do the search again …

… but this time, do it in ‘incognito mode’ or guest mode.

This will mean that your history and search pattern is not recorded.

If you’re still in the top 30 after going into incognito mode, then
I will “suck on it” and send you an information gift for your efforts.
(send me a note to let me know).

But for the rest of us mere mortals trying to eke out a a couple of
leads from our websites, my proposition may resonate.

Let me use one of the many SEO tools at my disposal and run a
website audit.

I’ll send you a full report on the dangers, opportunities and strengths
of your website SEO-wise. I’ll then schedule a 1-hour Skype call and
walk you through the report because the thing is hardly ever in
language you and I can understand.
And, then I’ll help you set up a roadmap for getting your
website better rankings for 2018.

Ranking Smangking

Who gives a brass farthing about rankings?

It’s clear that both you and I should when you read following case study …

… if it doesn’t make your jaw drop open a little bit, then nothing will.
Well maybe another Gupta, Eskom, SAA scandal will (but there are so many
scandals that we’ve kinda become a bit immune, haven’t we?).

Here’s the story …

  • A professional speaker friend of mine is ranked at #6 on Google for
    a specific keyword.
  • He gets in the region of 4% of the monthly searches for that keyword.
  • The keyword is searched around 18 000 times a month in South Africa.
  • That means he gets 720 visits a month.
  • Let’s say he closes only 1% of those visitors (I called him to verify.
    I’ll give you his number if you don’t believe me).
  • That’s 7 speaking or training assignments a month.
  • His fee is around R15 000 per keynote speech.
  • Do the math (he earns around R105 000 per month).
  • Not a bad pay cheque for having his website set up correctly.

So, look at your industry.
What if you could get an extra 7 deals.
Let’s be uncharitable and say, even 3.

What difference would that make to you.

My Offer

My fee will look like chump change on the return you’re going to get back.

So, check out the offer (and the investment) and book your place now.

Find a path with heart,


PS. I can only give 10 peeps the offer in December as I’m going to
Cape Town on the 15th for a bit of rest and recreation.

So, it’s on a first come, first served basis.
From 11 onwards, I can only help you in the second week of January 2018.

This direct response sales letter is still an active campaign. As the opens, clicks and sales come through, I will add the information to this post.

Find out how I can help you write your direct response sales letter and sales landing pages.

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