March 23, 2011

Davis&Dean – Project Management Education

Davis&Dean, South Africa has appointed Jacques de Villiers to assist it with its Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Davis&Dean is a global project management education company. It develops computer-based simulations specifically to train project managers in both basic and advanced topics. Its simulations are designed to be fast, effective ways to learn project management skills by practicing them until they become natural habits.

In the same way pilots are trained in flight simulators, we immerse project managers in relevant, realistic re-creations of their workplace, inundating them with hundreds of simultaneous, multi-dimensional dilemmas that real-world project managers face, and add the urgency and intensity of a compressing time line. Under realistic pressure to get the job done right, students learn how it feels to successfully apply their new skills with the confidence of an accomplished project manager.

Davis&Dean has trained more than 75,000 project managers around the world.

Davis&dean slideshare

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