Jacques de Villiers, philosopher, mystic and author helps individuals, teams and organisations develop a culture of courtesy so that they can triumph.


Jacques’s discourses, workshops and writing are aimed at helping individuals, teams and organisations move from an ambience of resentment, selfishness and victimhood to an ambience of gratitude, selflessness and mastery.


Courtesy is an eloquent currency to help the individual, teams and organisations achieve their goals.


Jacques has been presenting his philosophies for more than 20 years both locally and internationally and is eminently suited to help organisations turn courtesy into a syntax for success:


  • He’s a student of Stoicism, Sufi mysticism, ancient military culture and the philosophies of Carlos Castaneda. The esoteric and arcane knowledge he has amassed from these philosophies have real-word and practical applications to help the 21st century individual, team and organisation, triumph!



  • He’s the author of a number of substantive texts, processes, workshops and discourses including, The Warrior Code, The Architecture of Selling, Marketing with Meaning and The Courtesy Culture.


Reach out and connect with Jacques to learn more about The Courtesy Culture and how it can help your organisation triumph.