March 29, 2008

Colour blind Mike Stofile

This week’s mampara has to be ousted deputy president of the SA Rugby Union, Mike Stofile after his 24-21 defeat to Oregan Hoskins. Stofile was running for president.

Stofile was quoted in the Saturday Star (March 29, 2008): For the past four years there has been no place for black people in SA Rugby.

Mike Stofile considered Pieter de Villiers, a coloured man as black. Surely the same should be said for Oregan Hoskins … he’s also coloured. Since de Villiers was considered black, surely then, Hoskins must also be black.

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room. People like Mike Stofile do not consider anyone tainted with the white stain as being black. No, they want to see pure-blooded blacks in every team … otherwise it doesn’t count.

So, Mike, you’re my Mampara for the week.

From left field. My ancestors were invaded by the Moors, our women raped and our bloodline irrevocably changed. Does black blood run through my veins? Great, this must mean that I can get an affirmative action job then. Who am I kidding, I may share the same surname as Pieter de Villiers, but I’ll never be classified as black. That’s why I can never get back into the job market even if I wanted to – nobody will hire a 44 year-old white male, even if I were the best man for the job.

Jacques de Villiers conducts sales training seminars in South Africa.

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