January 28, 2022

Cognitive Linguistic specialist, Jolene Raison’s LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile for cognitive linguist, Jolene Raison

Applying the alchemy of Cognitive Linguistics as a copywriter, children’s author, and English teacher.

If you’re looking for copywriting that gets results then the subtlety, nuance and finesse of cognitive linguistics may just be what you’re looking for.

I’m Jolene Raison, a former director of a large retail operation, currently lecturing cognitive linguistics and teaching ESL/EFL, but with a cornucopia of experience as a professional copywriter.

If you want to get attention, write good copy. If you want to sell an idea, write copy that opens a window to the minds and a doorway to our hearts. That’s when the magic happens. Through cognitive linguistics I use language choices that subtly guide and influence the thoughts, emotions and attitudes of the audience we are communicating to.

If communicating to your staff, clients and prospects in a way that gets them to take positive action is a priority for you, then you should seriously consider engaging with me.

I help owners of companies and those responsible for communication and marketing get their message out effectively. Organisations use my services when they want to:

  • Inspire and motivate their staff
  • Develop effective staff training material
  • When they want to send out marketing messages that get results
  • Design sales landing pages that work
  • Send out email marketing messages that get people to buy what you’re selling
  • Produce winning proposals that help them close important deals
  • Turn website visitors into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into super fans

Why Me?

  • If you want a copywriter that intimately understands how to reach into the human mind and heart, consider me.
  • If you want copywriting that creates meaning, stirs emotion, evokes passion, drives desire and spurs action, consider me.
  • If you want writing that communicates clearly in the moment, keys into ideals, values and emotional responses so that the audience is persuaded to your viewpoint, consider me.

I’m certainly not your average copywriter, my academic career attests to that:

  • BA Language degree – RAU – majors in English and Hebrew, sub-major German
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Copywriting – AAA School of Advertising
  • BA Honours Applied Linguistics – UNISA
  • TESOL certification – WITS Language School
  • TESOL certification on Teaching Children with Special Needs –
  • Business Writing Certificate Course – UCT
  • Teaching ESL/EFL Business English Certification – Bridge Education
  • IELTS Prep Certification – Bridge Education
  • Completing my Master of Arts in Linguistics, focusing on Cognitive Linguistics

Reach out to me on or 083 449 6167

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