July 31, 2017

Clifford Dintwe – Schuitema Leader

Clifford DintweClifford is an exemplary example our the Schuitema leadership philosophy. He is putting the principles into practice with very positive consequences.

Clifford is a mechanical engineer by profession and married with two kids, a son and a daughter of 14 and 8 years old respectively. As a husband, Clifford values the time with family and invests much as a witness on the growth path of life’s unfolding events.


Clifford has 14 years’ working experience after completing a formal qualification, mainly on projects, plant maintenance, and engineering.
He is fulfilled by his current role and responsibilities at TFC and endeavors to ensure engineering and safety standards are applied and that overall health and reliability of all Tubatse Ferrochrome assets remains the priority. Being value and integrity driven in all he does, he is experienced as a humble but firm and courageous leader who focuses on the personal growth of the individual members of the team.


Clifford believes that as a leader, “seeing things as they are and giving every situation it’s due”, is the most important aspect of a teams health and growth. As he says: “only with this focus entrenched in our day to day behaviors can we achieve the set business goals/targets, which comes through a diligent and consistent focus on the processes which lead to results.”

Clifford firmly believes that excellence is not results based, but process based. The growth into letting go of all agendas, seeing things as they are and giving every situation it’s due, is what challenges, propels and satisfies me daily. Clifford himself says: “Excellence is experienced when the task at hand is given full focus and attention as if it is the end point or as if it is the result we need to achieve.”


Clifford is committed to remaining critically engaged in problem-solving. He understands that TFC is faced with missing production targets for the most part of the first quarter. This, he believes, has more to do with the individual team members not focusing on the task at hand thereby missing opportunities that come with every cherished moment. Again the lack of appreciation of true aspects or building blocks for success and results is the biggest challenge. Clifford believes his primary objective has to be focusing staff on the right things in the right way.

Clifford’s contribution is to drive implementation of best engineering practices and standards that ensure the health and reliability and safe use/operation of the assets for TFC.