I love you

First off, I love you.

Second, I don’t have customers …

… I have clients.

You see, a customer is someone who buys a product or service from you. A client is someone who is under your protection.

Every client I work with is special to me and I try my utmost to give them an experience and a half.

I think that I really go the extra mile for my clients. You’ll of course, have to ask them because I might just be sprouting marketing hype at you to make me look great.

Sheldon Cooper I love youAll my psychometric tests say that I don’t the attention to detail gene (Yes, I’ve been tested … just like Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory).

I think they’re right when it comes to my own stuff. Good grief, every morning is a mission just trying to find my car keys. (I’ve now learned to put them in ‘the plate’). This has saved me endless stress, I’ll tell you.

But, funny enough, when it comes to my clients, I’m the most pedantic creature on the planet. I can struggle to get one photo right for a website for half and hour. I can sweat over a headline for days before I’m satisfied that my client will be satisfied.

I suppose it really all boils down to my intent. And, my intent is always to set my clients up for success. Actually, because I love you, I’ll try and set you up for success. Seriously. It’s a curse. I stick my nose in where it is not wanted because I’m just trying to help someone do something awesome. It’s not always appreciated. You were at school, weren’t you? Then you’ll know that nobody likes a know-it-all. So, now I generally tend to mind my own business and just help those who ask for help.

I’ve turned most of my clients into friends too. The danger with that is that everyone gets my ‘friends and family’ rates. Luckily, I have some seriously smart friends when it comes to money and they put me straight and make sure that I charge what I’m really worth. Thank God for them, otherwise I’d give away everything.

I’ve Tried To Specialise

I’ve seriously tried to specialise in one area so that there’s no brand confusion, as my smart marketing friends say. All I ever hear is “pick a lane, Jacques … pick a lane”. I’ve failed miserably as you can see and it’s all rather eclectic:

  • I conduct sales training workshops
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Build websites
  • Social Selling expertise through LinkedIn
  • I ghostwrite books for other people
  • I edit books
  • I speak at conferences on a wide array of topics including, sales, marketing, arcane knowledge, spirituality, warrior culture. I think folks like them since I’ve been asked to present more than 1200 times since 1998 at conferences both locally and abroad
  • I’ve run workshops with strange names like, The Art of Dating Angelina Jolie (a digital marketing workshop). This workshop actually had a hell of a good run and paid for a couple of overseas holidays (if visiting Australia is a holiday, of course)
  • I coach folks to navigate this human experience elegantly and eloquently. So, I suppose I’m a life coach of sorts
  • I’m a copywriter specialising in sales copy
  • I write books, short stories, essays for my own account. I calculated the other day that over the last 20 years, I’ve written more than 7-million words
  • I help other professional speakers market their businesses
  • I work out compensation and incentive structures for sales professionals
  • I help people with there LinkedIn profiles (I think I already mentioned something about LinkedIn earlier)
  • I work on social media strategies

So, as you can see, it’s all a bit of a muddle, really.

I love you muddle

I’m Good At This

But here’s the thing, I’m actually really quite good at it all. And, above all, my intention is pure. And that is to set my clients up for success in any way I can.

So, I may not have been able to “pick a lane”, but that’s OK because this eclectic path I’ve chosen to journey on has helped many people figure out how to navigate this human experience elegantly and eloquently.

I love you.

Some of my clients (and friends)

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