If you're struggling to charge what you are really worth so that you can attract the clients you deserve to work with, then this workshop may just be for you.

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Charge what you're worth and attract clients you want to work with

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24 May 2023
09:00 - 13:00

Namaskar Wellness Hub
The Embassy

50 Mulbarton Road
Beverley (Lonehill)

There's also an online session, we'll figure out the date if there's enough response


R997.00 per delegate


If you're not attracting clients at your low price point, perhaps you should charge more?

Are you working yourself to a standstill for little money, perhaps you should charge more so that you can take on less?

Do you feel that you're devaluing your worth and selling your soul for a pittance, perhaps you should charge more?

All I know is that whatever you're charging your clients, it's probably not enough.

I also know (only because I was there) that there are a lot of things holding us back:

- Imposter syndrome

- Low self esteem and self image

- Lack of knowledge of the price point that's acceptable to your client

- Negative mindset

- Negative self talk

- The rescuer syndrome

- These, and more are fuelled by the usual suspects of shame, guilt, rejection, abandonment and so on

We're going to work out a strategy for you on the workshop so that you know how to charge what you're worth, reclaim your self respect and build the business of your dreams.

More money

Earn more out of each client so that you live the life you deserve.

More respect

Stop selling your magnificence for a pittance. Respect yourself by getting paid what you're worth. The more confidence you have, the more clients you'll attract.

More money will allow you to put away something for a rainy day (and for your golden years).

More security

The more money you make out of a client, the less clients you need and the more time you have for you.

More time


Some of the Benefits

What You'll Learn

- How to set your price for your market so that you hit the Goldilocks zone

- How to charge according to what your business really costs to run so that you make a real profit

- How to outplay your competitor at your higher price

- How to add irresistible value at no cost or low cost so that price doesn't become an issue

- How to get belief in yourself and your offering

- How to become a category of 1 niche so that nobody can compete with you

Free Bonuses. Value: R4000.00

  • Six weeks of follow up coaching emails helping you bed down the learnings and process your magnificence so you can charge like a grownup
  • The Architecture of Selling E-Book a supplemental resource on my signature sales improvement workshop
  • How to Handle and Overcome Objections E-Book - a piece of text I wrote to help you overcome objections so that you can sell more.
  • Edge of the Rain E-Book - an essay I wrote helping you navigate your life elegantly and eloquently
  • What if Hollywood Doesn't Call? A Fractured Monk's Guide to Enlightenment E-Book - a critically acclaimed piece of spiritual text I wrote on how to deal with the issues we face today: rejection, abandonment, fear, acceptance and the like.
  • How to Write Winning Blog Posts - a piece of text I wrote to help you get your rankings up on the search engines so that you attract more prospects to your website.
  • Clarify Your Contribution - a life-defining questionnaire that'll help you craft your marketing and brand manifesto for the next decade.
  • How to Write a Magnetic LinkedIn Profile - this piece of text will help you turn your LinkedIn visitors into prospects, your prospects into clients and your clients into super fans.
  • Half an hour coaching session (online) with Jacques to work out your client acquisition strategy

About your facilitator

Hello, I'm Jacques de Villiers.

My accountant and my family think I spend way too much time having coffee with my friends, playing chess, catching bass and travelling.

But that's how I set it up so I can do the things I love ... I charge like a grownup.

Check out my bio here.

1 500+

Keynote addresses and training sessions on marketing and sales both locally and abroad.

Ghostwritten and edited books.


The number of words I've written since 1996.

12 million

Recommendations on LinkedIn. The average LI user only gets four.


Or, just look at these quick facts

What some clients say about Jacques

So wowed! 15 minutes with Jacques De Villiers and I feel like a rockstar. I've been feeling so insecure about what I'll do after Unisa, about what marketable skills I really have. One short chat about the LinkedIn profile he's doing for me, and I suddenly feel like I've got the talent, experience and knowledge to build not only a business, but a brand on.

Jolene Raison - Author

If I just implemented a fraction of what Jacques has taught me ... well, I'd be sitting on a yacht somewhere exotic with my family. Go to him, you'll never be the same again.

Stephan Louw - Accountant

There are writers and then there's a rare breed of word architects, Jacques is such. He has a way with words that have created magic, his ability to architecture endearing messages is bar none. I rate him as the Charles Dickens of our times.

Billy Selekane - Professional Speaker


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24 May 2023

09:00 - 13:00

Namaskar Wellness Hub

The Embassy

50 Mulbarton Road, Beverley (Lonehill)

There's also an online session, we'll figure out the date if there's enough response

R997.00 per delegate

We help you navigate this human journey elegantly and eloquently.

The Embassy

50 Mulbarton Rd



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