Change Your Story

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Purpose of this keynote

This keynote is ideal for those that are stuck in a narrative that makes it difficult for them to change. It will help folks realise that no path is cast in stone. We can get off the path or change our path so that they can have positive outcomes both in our personal and professional lives.

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Your presentation was excellent and the ladies loved you. Our marketing team has received numerous requests for your details.

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Reflection Points

  • Your story is not done. It is in your power to script an ending that suits you
  • You can change the way you engage in your life, both personally and professionally
  • Reclaim your authenticity and find meaning and purpose in your journey
  • The world you have created for yourself is a direct reflection of what’s going on in your inner world. You can change your narrative since you are its creator and its editor
  • Live in awe and not in fear of what you can really become

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