The Vacuum

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The Vacuum You’ve heard the idiom, “Nature abhors a vacuum”. It’s spot on. As soon as one thought is gone, another takes its place. As soon as a beggar leaves his corner, another one replaces him. As soon as one habit goes, another takes its place. So, in essence, wherever […]

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Be interested rather than interesting

The status quo is our enemy

When you’re with anyone … a partner, a client or a friend … be interested and not interesting. When you’re the most interesting (and smartest) person in the room, go find another room. And, when you’re in that room, go and find the most talented person and stand next to […]

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Wind the Clock

WInd the clock EB White

I know E.B. White as the co-author of my grammar bible, The Elements of Style. What I did not know was that he was a prolific essayist and author of the children’s books, Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web. And, was a letter-writer of note. In March 1973, a Mr Nadeau asked […]

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