October 17, 2017

Care and Growth: Let’s Challenge Modern Management Together

Socrates, the great Greek Philosopher, once said that the unexamined life is not worth living. I agree, but I also believe that unexamined leadership is just as bad.

Our Care and Growth One Day Executive Programme examines leadership and creates new paradigms that provide participants with a refreshing and empowering perspective on working relationships. To get in touch email or call +27 11 867 0587.

Led by the founder of the model, Etsko Schuitema, this one day intensive, interactive workshop provides an inspiring overview of this management framework that has been used successfully in a variety of sectors from banking to agriculture – in over 26 countries and on 5 continents.

The Context

The purpose of the one Day executive overview is to provide senior management with an understanding of the fundamentals of the Care and Growth Leadership Model.

During the day, delegates will be taken through the ‘4 axioms’, which prove to fundamentally challenge traditional management beliefs. The result is an astonishing alternative to current conventional wisdom.

The Nature of Relationships

The very nature of the relationship between employer and employee as a trading relationship, as an exchange of X units of labour for Y Rands, is challenged. That labour can either be bought or sold is a fallacy. Also, this is not an exchange between equals because the employer has the right to ask employees to do things or to exercise power over them.

The relationship between employer and employee therefore is not a buying and selling relationship, but a relationship of power. The key issue in a relationship of power is not price, but legitimacy.

The Requirement for Legitimacy

Conventional wisdom holds that managers have the right to demand delivery because they pay a wage and because they are the boss. In fact this right is earned on the basis of very specific criteria. Namely, that the boss cares for the subordinate sincerely and enables the very best in the subordinate to be realised. Care and Growth are the universal criteria of any legitimate relationship of power.

Empowering Others

Growth or Empowerment has a very specific significance. It requires a willingness by leadership to entrust responsibility to people, ultimately to give up power or control. Empowerment in essence, implies an incremental suspension of control in order to enable the subordinate. In this process, there are three critical variables. The first two, the provision of means and ability, are the preconditions for the third, accountability.

The Role of Maturity

The product of the empowerment process is a mature person, someone who takes accountability and is held accountable for what they are entrusted with. The product of leadership is not a result, but exceptional people. The process of leading others, therefore is a process of enabling their maturity. Maturation is the process of the maturation of intent to give unconditionally, to serve. Giving is about being appropriate. It is about acting with generosity and courage.

The Program

If you are interested in examining leadership, discussing these ideas and more, then I recommend that you join us at our Care & Growth One Day Executive Programme.

Hosted at the lovely Thaba ya Batswana Eco Hotel, we have the perfect setting to challenge your current thinking, providing you with a fresh perspective on empowering working relationships that will help you and your team to achieve your goals.

This program has the potential to completely transform your approach to leadership and, indeed towards your life beyond leadership.

“Etsko created an absolutely excellent learning environment, he is a brilliant storyteller.”

–          Nthaba Sibanda

“I really appreciated the depth of introspection of the program and the redefining of concepts that we take for granted.”

–          Zayd Wadel

“Mature learning principles were so effectively applied. I couldn’t help but go on this mind shattering journey.”

–          Amanda Venketsamy

“I was amazed at how simple we can achieve success in our business. We just have to uncomplicate things by adopting the Schuitema Group Care and Growth model.”

–          Senzi Zulu

“The content & learning process has opened up my heart, eyes and mind. It has made me realize the importance of how leadership and power must be understood!”

–          Ibrahim Nana

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Lets Challenge the Concept of Modern Management Together