Business Training Courses

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Let us help you find the right-fit business training courses to help your people and your company succeed.

We have access to a wide range of courses that can help you succeed both professionally and personally. If you don’t find a fit below, please contact us because we have a network of courses and trainers nationally and internationally that can cover just about any eventuality.

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Business Training Courses

Some of the courses we have access to:

[learn_more caption=”Sales Management Training”]

Facilitator: Richard Mulvey

Duration: 2 Days

* Can be held in-house or in public

Practical Sales Management Training

Managing a sales team is different to the usual management challenges. Good sales people are often not good employees and sometimes allowances have to be made if we are to close more sales. Every challenge is different. Sometimes we need to employ “Farmers” to develop relationships and grow the customer base. Other times we need the “Hunters” who love to close but don’t have the staying power to farm. Some sales people have to be strictly controlled and others do well with no control at all. Good sales managers are aware of the difference and the need to manage these people differently.

Not only do we need to manage and motivate our people carefully but we also have to be able to develop sustainable sales strategies, control the technology around us, manage the areas the team work in and actively participate if the sale is a big one.

The Practical Sales Managers Course has been developed by Richard Mulvey to cover the essentials of first class sales management. This two day course is designed for Sales Managers, Sales Directors and any manager who has sales people reporting to them and will arm each delegate with the tools required to manage a great sales team.

The course includes the following:

  • Employing the right people and developing a team
  • Interviewing techniques
  • The Hunters, The Farmers and the Farmer’s wife
  • Commissions and incentives
  • Planning, organising and controlling the sales team
  • Developing a vision for the sales team
  • Motivating your sales people
  • Managing Change
  • Developing sales strategies
  • Using technology to improve sales
  • Setting Goals together
  • Forecasting
  • Managing Performance and Measuring Results
  • Coaching and Mentoring

The course is designed to be highly interactive. There will be sales managers for many different industries on each course so we will all be able to learn how others solve sales problems and motivate sales teams. To ensure that there will be time for everybody to contribute we will limit the number of people on the course to fifteen.

The public courses are available in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, but the course can also be constructed to fit your needs and run on your premises if required. The advantages of running the course on your own premises include: The use of examples in your industry, the course can be adjusted to focus on your company’s needs and you can set the dates to suit you work patterns.

[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Sales Training”]

Facilitator: Richard Mulvey
Duration: 2 Days
* Can be held in-house or in public

Practical Selling Skills

  • Are your Sales People being the best they can be?
  • Are you getting the best results from your sales team? Could they do better?
  • Have your competitors got better recently? Are they closing more sales than you?

These are questions that are often asked but are very hard to answer. Your monthly statistics may be the bringer of glad or bad tidings but how can you be sure your sales team is being the best it can be?

The solution to this problem is in your approach. The best sales teams are the ones with the best training and the best management, so a better question would be, “Is our sales team the best trained in the industry?”

Course Content

Today’s successful sales people know the focus has to be their customers. They know it is important to be building the relationship, providing a service, satisfying the customer’s needs, listening and understanding rather than talking and seeking to be understood. Sales people are in the front line, building a reputation to ensure long-term growth as well as short-term sales. In the “Practical Selling Skills” course we use this focus, taking the best sales skills and bringing them right up to date.

The course is divided into four modules of three hours each. Starting with identifying the customer, through to closing the sale and beyond, we explore all the skills required to be a first-class sales person. As far as possible we use real examples from each industry represented on the course to bring the skills into focus.

The course is run over two full days with two modules each day. Each module starts with a review of the skills covered in the previous module followed by interactive lectures, practical examples, and shared experiences of how the skills work in action.

Module 1

  • The Sales Cycle – In this section we overview the whole selling process from customer to close and beyond. This section gives the delegates a clear idea of what to expect in the coming modules and how each part fits together.
  • Positive Selling – Closing the sale does’t just happen at the end. Sales success is very often a state of mind, positive sales people will close more sales. In addition, salespeople must have respect for themselves and the product or service they are offering if they are going to convert the prospect into a Life Time Customer.
  • Getting New Customers – If we continue to do the same things in the same way we will get the same results.  If we truly want to grow the business we have to do things differently. In this section we look at the improving traditional methods of prospecting and explore new ways to attract customers to the business. Each delegate attending will see that they can easily “Double-Up” their prospect list overnight.
  • Keeping Customers Forever – It is no longer good enough to simply sell a service. To keep a customer forever we have to develop close relationships, get to know the customer’s problems and how we can become an integral part of their business growth.
  • Time Management – In this section we also explore ways in which we can improve the sales person’s use of their most valuable resource, “Time”.

 Module 2 

  • Telephone Techniques – We all have to use the telephone in business but many of us fail to get the best results from our calls. Making an appointment over the phone for some people is harder than closing the sale. When using the telephone to make an appointment you are not selling your product, service or company, all you are selling is the appointment and in this section we look at a simple script that will “Double-Up” your success rate on the telephone.
  • Creating the right impression every time – Having made the appointment we have to get face to face with the prospect if we are going to make the sale. 90% of people’s opinion of you is formulated in the first four minutes of meeting you and very often the prospect will make up their mind before the salesperson starts to speak. In this section we look at creating the right impression through what we say, how we look and the correct use of Body Language.
  • The Sales Conversation – The next step is to uncover the prospect’s problem and offer our solution. This sounds simple but it is very often where the mistakes are made. In this section we look at the correct use of “Open” and “Closed” questions to uncover the prospect’s needs and show the salesperson how to listen most and talk least. Having uncovered the prospect’s problems we then have to offer our solutions. To achieve this we don’t just tell the prospect what we can do but also show how our solution will achieve the end result the prospect is looking for.

Module 3

  • Going Beyond Simple Needs – In the last section we explored logical features, needs and benefits, however customers rarely buy logically, customer’s buying decisions are usually made emotionally. In this section we go beyond simple needs. If we are going to make the sale we have to explore their desires.
  • Handling Difficult Objections – There’s no simple answer to handling objections as each customer is different and so are their problems, however, in most industries you will only get 10 or 15 different objections and in this section we will explore the difficult objections you get in your industry and offer the best solutions.
  • Closing the Sale – For many sales people this is the hardest part, yet customers or clients will rarely give you the business if you don’t ask for it. Closing the sale doesn’t just happen at the end, and throughout the course we will explore how you can build up to the close with successes along the way. If the sale is handled properly, by the time you get to the end the customer will have already made up their mind and all you have to do is ask.

Module 4

  • Selling at your Higher Price – Far too often our sales teams see price as the only issue but customers never buy on price alone. When the salesperson thinks that the prospect failed to buy because the price was too high he has missed the point. Prospects don’t care about price so much they care about value – “what am I getting for what I am paying”. In this section we explore how to get past the price barriers and close more, higher priced sales
  • The Salesperson’s Day – Getting the most out of the day, keeping meaningful statistics, keeping accurate records and reports are essential tasks for successful salespeople.
  • Developing a Winning Attitude – The most important to ensure that the sales people believe they can achieve twice what they are achieving at the moment. To do this we have to show how it is possible and then motivate the team to “want” to achieve it. In this section we also look at the “numbers game” and show that with minor adjustments to the numbers we have explored during the course we can easily achieve twice the results. Once the team believe they can do it the rest is just a matter of keeping up the motivation.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Advanced Presentation Skills Training”]

Facilitator: Richard Riche

* In house only

Advanced Presentation Skills Training

A practical advanced business presentation skills training workshop that improves communication and leads to engaged passionate staff, happier customers and improved profitability. A 1/2 day programme followed by 3 x 2 hour practice sessions to embed the learning.

Do you feel confident talking to a group of people?  Are you required to give presentations to staff and customers?  If you could learn to be more effective and engaging, persuasive and professional in your presenting would this positively impact your business? In business presentations we need to know how to deliver a message so our audience can hear it, embrace it and act on it.

Course Overview

In business presentations clear message and delivery makes a presentation powerful; however this skill is often based on poor examples and outdated “Death by Powerpoint” thinking. Our ability to share a powerful message and inspire the listener to take action therefore remains ineffective and undeveloped. The One Clear Message Advanced business presentation skills training course is a 1/2 day programme followed by 3 x 2 hour practice sessions designed to equip your team with knowledge, skills and attitudes to present effectively, clearly and persuasively.

Learning outcomes – By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand how to structure a message in an clear and engaging manner.
  • Deliver a clear message whilst improving vocal variety and body language skills.
  • Design slides that end “Death by powerpoint”
  • Learn how to prepare using our presentation formula and world class presentations styles.
  • Increase presentation confidence

Method of Presentation:

  1. Teaching Aids: Course Manuals, Audio/ Visual presentations, PowerPoint presentation
  2. Measurement: Self-assessment, Facilitator & Peer feedback
  3. Interactive: Facilitation, Group Interaction, Practical learning Activities and Feedback.

Who Should Attend

Sales people, trainers, team leaders, managers, influencers, technical teams, and those who desire to build confidence in speaking and presenting.  Anyone who needs to share an idea or message, have the audience understand the concept, and take action.[/learn_more]

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Reach out and connect with us so that we can find you a course that suits your needs.

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