Social Media Marketing Training

Social Media Marketing TrainingIf you’re battling and failing to turn social media into a real marketing and sales asset, then you should consider social media marketing training with our experts.

The Jacques de Villiers Group has partnered with Charlotte Kemp, a skilled practitioner in the art and science of social media marketing.

“I have worked with Charlotte on our social media marketing strategy. I was skeptical at first … I’ve met dozens of so-called social media experts; who have failed to deliver. Charlotte is a pleasant surprise in a sea of mediocrity. She stands out as a social media expert that really delivers,” Jacques de Villiers, National President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa 2013/14.

Social Media Marketing Training

  1. Social Media Goal Setting
  2. Social Media for Business
  3. Social Media Marketing Magic
  4. Leveraging LinkedIn

Social Media Goal Setting Workshop

Create and implement a 12 month social media content plan for engagement, marketing and sales. Download for full details: Social Media Goal Setting

Social Media For Business Workshop

Discover techniques for making your social media effective and engaging.
Download for full details : Social Media for Business

Social Media Marketing Magic Workshop

Discover how to use social media to maximise your opportunities for branding, influence and sales. Download for full details: Social Media Marketing Magic

Leveraging LinkedIn Workshop

Fully utilise all the LinkedIn features for branding, marketing and connecting for career advancement or to sell your services. Download for full details: Leveraging LinkedIn

Build trust and credibility for your brand by leveraging the power of social media. If you get it right you’ll be able to ‘out brand’ your competitors.

Charlotte Kemp, social media marketing training

Charlotte Kemp

About Charlotte Kemp

When Charlotte is not teaching social media marketing, she’s writing. Charlotte is the author of the book, I’m Not Afraid Of The F Word: 50 Lessons Learned On The Way To Business Failure. She also writes for nationally syndicated publications on the subject for finance and social media.

By getting field-tested social media marketing training by one of South Africa’s digital marketing experts, Charlotte Kemp, you’ll be able unleash the power of social media to work for your organisation.