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Internet Marketing Strategy Workshop

This Internet marketing training is designed to help your company develop an Internet marketing strategy that builds a powerful online brand, attract more quality visitors to your website so that you can sell them your products and services.

Your Internet seminar knocked my copy socks off! Having been a web copywriter for some time, I was keen to see what I didn’t know. And Jacques, your seminar amazed me. From tips, tools and tricks of the sales trade to web architecture and compelling e-mails, the content of the workshop is extensive. Tiffany Markman – Editor and Copywriter

Next Public Course

Internet Marketing – Johannesburg
10 February 2011
The Entrepreneur Centre, Rivonia
09:00 – 16:00
R1 897.00 per delegate (no VAT)

Who Should Attend?

If you’re the marketing executive, advertising executive or entrepreneur responsible for the success of your Internet marketing strategy, then this workshop is for you.
Jacques will teach you his real-world field-tested Internet marketing strategies that he’s used since building his first website in 1998. Currently, his websites generate almost 90% of his income as a consultant, trainer and professional speaker.

My marketing assistant attended your workshop and she hasn’t stopped raving about it.
Gavin Sharples, Humourist

Workshop Objectives

The workshop is designed to help you discover what the search engines want so that you can get top rankings. When you get this right, your organisation will:

  • Build a preeminent online brand
  • Generate more qualified visitors to your website
  • Sell them your products and services

Workshop Content

You’ll be introduced to 3 vital concepts that will ensure your website gives you organisation a substantial return on investment:
  • The Perfect Page
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
There’s no doubt that if you implement even a fraction of the valuable strategies you’ll learn, your business will increase substantially.

I found Jacques’s Internet marketing workshop very worthwhile. It will provide you with low or no-cost options for improving your site ranking, reaching a wider range of people and optimising your cyber-onslaught. He’s also a humorous and engaging presenter. Go do it!
Clive Simpkins, Strategist

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll discover on the Internet Marketing Strategy Workshop:

Module 1 – The Perfect Page

If your website is to have any chance of succeeding in the Internet marketing race and leave your competitors in the dust, it needs to have a quality website that meets the criteria of the top search engines:
  • Discover how to structure each page of your website
  • Discover how to write relevant content that attract qualified visitors
  • Find out how to write persuasive copy that gets your visitors to buy
  • Learn how to craft your copy so that it’s attractive to Google and other search engine
  • If you can’t write and don’t have the money for a professional copywriter, discover the shortcuts used by top Internet marketers to generate quality content
  • Find out how easy it is to build content with free articles
  • Build your own press office and get the publicity you deserve
  • Discover the power of white papers and case studies to get your visitors to buy
  • Discover how to get visitors onto their hind legs begging to subscribe to your newsletter

Jacques demystified marketing on the Internet for me. I know that if I just use a fraction of the information he gave me, I’ll increase the visitor rate to my website and ultimately increase my sales. Annie Greeff, Past President, National Speakers Association of South Africa

Module 2 – Search Engine Marketing

There are certain Internet marketing laws that you have to follow to ensure the success of your website. Ignore them at your peril:
  • Page titles, meta tags and meta descriptions. Find out how to use them properly so that you don’t get overlooked
  • Unlock the true potential of your website with targeted keywords
  • The more people talking about your website, the better. Links are the lifeblood of finding qualified visitors and higher rankings
  • Get your pages ranked high in the search engines
  • Find out how you can use directories to get massive exposure on the Internet
  • Find out how to take out targeted adverts where you only pay if they are viewed with Google Pay-per-Click
  • Learn how to use blogs to drive qualified visitors to your website
  • Discover how to measure the success of your website through Google Analytics
  • Discover what your competitors are doing on the web in real time
Module 3 – Social Media

Social media is playing an important role in how your customers interact with you. Get to grips with social media now, before your competitors do:
  • Find out how to use YouTube (the second largest search engine in the world; owned by the largest search engine in the world, Google) as a business tool by uploading your videos and even your Power Point presentations
  • Discover how easy it is to build your brand, talk to your clients and increase your profits with Blogging
  • Unlock the power of networking with MyGenius, Linkedin and other business networking sites
  • Pack your presentations into Slideshare
  • Use Yasni to find your company in every nook and cranny on the www
  • Use Squidoo to up your Internet profile

The Internet marketing workshop you held for us was so good that we’re going to invite you to hold it at our national convention in 2007 Paul du Toit, Past President, National Speakers Association of SA

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Internet Marketing – Johannesburg
10 February 2011
The Entrepreneur Centre, Rivonia
09:00 – 16:00
R1 897.00 per delegate (no VAT)

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