Business Card On Steroids

Copywriting - Business Card On Steroids

Pretty much most of us have a business card which we hand out to prospective clients and at networking functions.

Let’s be honest … this is not exactly a standout form of positioning, is it?

The chances are slim to nothing that your telephone number and email address will end up in prospect’s cell phone. And, if it does end up there, it will most probably stay dormant and forgotten.

The most likely scenario is that your business card will end up on your prospect’s desk, doing diddly-squat for your brand, your positioning and your business.

Maybe it’s time to toss that business card for something that will really differentiate you … a Business Card On Steroids!

What is a Business Card On Steroids?

  • It is a 3 000 – 5 000 word book that is useful to your target market. Typically, a “How To …” book.
  • It is distributed in A6 and/or Ebook format

What’s the point?

  • It is actually of some use to your prospective clients.
  • It is a sublime positioning tool for you.
  • It portrays you and/or your company as the expert in your field.

Who should write a Business Card On Steroids?

  • Anybody that is in business for themselves
  • Corporations who have a number of products or services. A book can really make your product/service quite the hero.
  • If you’re an employee in an organisation. Imagine if you write the book on your area of speciality within your company? Wouldn’t that position you as the go to guy and gal?
  • If you’re job hunting. Imagine the recruiter asks you for your CV and you hand over a book instead. If that doesn’t blow the competition out of the water, nothing will.

Who’s going to write the Business Card on Steroids?

  • I will. I will also help you with all aspects of the book … design, print, distribution both in paper form and in online form.
  • You can. I run Business Card On Steroids Seminars from time-to-time where you can get some ink under your nails and create something masterful.

So, if you want a business card that stands out and positions your particular genius, consider either writing a Business Card On Steroids or having one written for you.

Reach out and connect with Jacques de Villiers if you need help with your Business Card On Steroids.