Journalists lose their cool

This week, both Pat Pillai of E-TV news and David O’ Sullivan of Radio 702 lost it with their respective guests. Finally, the objective veneer cracked and their feelings came out. I reckon 47-million South Africans applauded them because we’re just as gatvol as Pat and David. Pat Pillai was […]

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Sisters Aren’t Doing It For Themselves

In the September 2007 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine an article was written on “South Africa’s first franchised chain of women-only gyms”. By all accounts, Shapes for Women is going from strength to strength with 32 franchises around the country. Founders Greg Ivins and Barry Owen must be laughing all the […]

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First Impressions as fast as thought

Clothing retailer, Markham fascinates me. It went on this massive branding exercise. After all was said and done, it changed its name from Markhams to Markham. Dropping the S must have been a huge creative stretch. And, a year or so down the line,  the old logo “Markhams” still  crops […]

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