You’ve nothing to loose

Reading adverts and copy as I do, I've noticed that spelling is not high on the priority list for most businesses. The latest villain in this litany of uselessness is "loose". Loose weight now. You have nothing to loose. Are you loosing your mind and so on. You obviously know […]

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Why I love Julius Malema

The reason I love Julius Malema, ANC Youth League President, is that every time he opens his mouth, the ANC loses votes. I reckon he, alone, has cost the ANC 20% of the vote on 22 April 2009. So, bye, bye two thirds majority. Bye, bye changing the Constitution to […]

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ANC thinks Zuma is Guilty

The way the ANC spokespeople are couching their words makes me think that they're not convinced that he is innocent of the charges he faces after the Appeal Court decision for the case against him to go ahead. They say the judgement was a technical judgement (and here's the kicker) […]

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