The world is kak scared of China

China’s latest heavy-handedness on Tibetan demonstrators (at last count 80 dead) has barely caused a whisper amongst the nations of the world. South Africa’s silence is deafening. You’d think that more than 1-million deaths in Tibet at the hands of the Chinese would get people on their hind legs baying […]

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Does your marketing stack up?

Looking Sideways – An eccentric look at sales and marketing When I look at how companies market their business it seems that most of them are stuck in a post-Kotler time warp of product, place, promotion and price. The same old boring adverts, buying into their advertising agencies “its all […]

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Who is Sharliza?

Looking Sideways – An eccentric look at sales and marketing – Who is Sharliza? I was paging through abou Time (Vol 5 No 2), the 1Time inflight magazine on a flight to Cape Town, recently. An article by PR Worx, First Female Pilot For 1time Airline, caught my eye. 1time […]

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When Good Copywriters Go Bad

When Good Copywriters Go Bad I’ve always been a fan of reading and keeping up-to-date with both history and current affairs. As a direct marketing copywriter, I get some of my best ideas from these sources. Because I want my copywriting to have impact it is difficult for me to […]

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