LinkedIn Profile Commission for Steve Tetluk, CEO, The Smart Idea Group

LinkedIn profile Steve Tetluk, Smart Ideas Group

Summary We help organisations grow smarter, efficient and cost effective by harnessing the power of technology so that they aren’t left behind. About Our smart technology helps the organisations and schools we serve become more agile, responsive and adaptive so that they can communicate better, become more productive, cut costs […]

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LinkedIn Profile Writing Commission for Klasie Wessels

Klasie Wessels LinkedIn Profile Writing

I’m a transition coach helping top-of-their-game executives find their groove pre- and post-retirement. Find Klasie’s LinkedIn profile here. About I help high-powered executives who have reached the pinnacle of their power transition to the second half of their lives with grace, so that they can find meaning and renew their […]

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LinkedIn Profile for Johan Kleynhans

LinkedIn profile for Johan Kleynhans

Johan commissioned me to write his LinkedIn profile. Summary Mineral processing leadership, culture and productivity consultant. I help leaders turn their organisations into places of engagement and productivity. About I design winning cultures, develop courageous leaders and cultivate committed employees so that your enterprise can triumph in the 21st century. […]

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