Legacy Writer Brand Story 5 – Logo

Legacy Writer Logo

brand_expressions Next was logo development for @jacquesamauri . Here’s what @cosmicreations , shared about the process: “Jacques is old-school with old-school values and ethics. He’s a huge Hemingway fan and wanted to emulate that aesthetic in his brand to help people connect with and understand him as a writer. He is also a collector […]

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Legacy Writer Brand Story 4 – Doodles

Personal brand journey for Jacques de Villiers

brand_expressions So our part of Legacy Writer, @jacquesamauri s brand story started when he shared his epiphanies with @yvette_hess over the phone..“I decided to note what I was feeling and seeing as he described the personality of this “evolving” of what he saw as himself, his brand reflecting who he wanted to serve . […]

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