July 27, 2021

Bewilderment Coach – LinkedIn profile Jacques de Villiers

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I’m a Bewilderment Coach who encourages seekers, teachers and creative humans who like solving interesting problems to wake up, grow up and show up. People just like us.
Talks about #writing, #marketing, #copywriting, and #spirituality

Are you bewildered that you … whip-smart, rotten with talent and pumped with potential … are struggling and failing to make a success of your entrepreneurial adventure?

Do you sometimes wake up in bed frozen with fear ⊙﹏⊙ that this endeavour you’ve embarked on is going to end up in the graveyard of failure?

Do you every once in a while feel like turning your back on your dream and quitting?

You’re not alone, I promise you. There are days that I just want to burn it all down, go back to bed and pull the covers over my head.

You are people just like us. Hard workers who want to make a difference in this world, find meaning in what we do whilst enrolling clients who respect us and pay us what we’re worth.

Sometimes it just takes an outside view to help you clarify your contribution, find your lane and discover your tribe. I might just be that guide … you get to decide.

I’m a Bewilderment Coach who shifts the people who shift the world. That’d be you. If you let me, I can help you remove all the bullshit you’ve clothed yourself with so that we can reveal the awesomeness, magnificence and pure potential that is you.

I help you to:

~ Wake up your potential.
~ Grow up so that you can take your rightful place at the table of success.
~ Show up so that can enrol a tribe of clients who appreciate you and pay you what you’re worth.

If you want to show up on your entrepreneurial journey in a way that makes you proud, purposeful and prosperous, then reach out and connect with me on

σ゚ロ゚)σ What Jolene said: “So wowed! 15 minutes with Jacques and I feel like a rockstar. I’ve been feeling so insecure about what I’ll do after Unisa, about what marketable skills I really have. One short chat about the LinkedIn profile he’s doing for me, and I suddenly feel like I’ve got the talent, experience and knowledge to build not only a business, but a brand on.” Jolene Raison – Cognitive Linguistics Practitioner.

σ゚ロ゚)σ What Steve said: “My hell, Jacques … I liken your mind to that of the great, early atomic physicist, Frijof Capra, who wrote the original Turning Point and Uncommon Wisdom.” Steve Johnson – Scientist

Let’s set up a discovery call so that we can both do something that scares us: Murder mediocrity. Embrace excellence. Manifest our magnum opera. Leave an enduring legacy.

Don’t delay. The world needs you to wake up, grow up and show up ᕕ( ಠ‿ಠ)ᕗ.

I need you.

Who knows ¯_( ツ )_/¯, with a bit of luck, you can become my greatest work.

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