November 20, 2014

Beware the Experts


Have you ever tried something new to improve your lot in life? Like a business venture, a diet, an exercise regime or a philosophy.

If you have, soon after you’ll find a bunch of folks who pose as experts but are really just naysayers trying to keep you in the status quo.

Keeping you in the status quo may be an unfair statement because the ‘experts’ (typically, your family and friends) really just want to protect you from failing. Or, in extreme cases; from succeeding.

The problem, in most cases is that whilst they are well meaning (those that want you to succeed, that is), they have no prior experience of the adventure you want to embark on.

They may have heard from a friend of a friend that this diet doesn’t work or that business venture is a waste of time. But, they haven’t actually been exposed to your idea in any great detail.

Remember opinions are cheap, especially ill-informed ones. I heard someone say this about opinions that I find apt: “If you have an opinion about my life; which of the bills will you be paying”.

Here are two examples of other people’s opinions that changed the destiny of a whole bunch of people:

  • Joe Green walked away from the $200-billion Facebook. When Mark Zuckerberg asked Green to drop out of theIvy League university to build the social networking site with him, he said no because his father disapproved.
  • Excite passed up buying Google for $750 000 in 1999 thanks to advice from its experts. Google is now worth in excess of $382-billion

So, beware the experts. Listen to them with a bit of circumspection and cynicism. They don’t always have the inside track and could very easily stop your dreams in their tracks.

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