December 20, 2007

Article marketing can boost your business

Whether you run a business totally online, or you operate a
brick-and-mortar business and have a supplemental website, you need to
implement article marketing. If you aren’t marketing your business with
articles, you’re missing a huge chunk of the marketing pie. Let me give
you a few reasons why.

Reason #1: Article marketing is free. Every business owner knows
that advertising isn’t cheap. Every newspaper or magazine ad you run
costs you dearly. By spending just a little extra time writing and
submitting several articles each month, you’ll save quite a bit of
money. Best yet, article marketing doesn’t cost you a dime–just a few
hours every week.

Reason #2: Article marketing brands your business. Have you ever
wondered how some businesses seem to become so well known in such a
short amount of time? They’re getting their name out there. They’re
giving away something of value for free to their potential customers.
Your articles will brand your business and make it a well-known name.

Reason #3: Article marketing makes you an expert. If you write
articles about the subjects you know well, you’ll quickly become known
as an expert in your field. Do you run a website on bird watching?
Writing and submitting fifty articles on bird watching will show people
that you know what you’re talking about.

Reason #4: Article marketing teaches you how to relate to people.
You can’t write a bunch of articles without learning how to communicate
effectively. The more you write, the more you’ll learn how to get your
message across in a friendly, personal tone.

Reason #5: Article marketing creates back links to your website.
Without getting into the technical details of this, back links to your
website are good and you’ll want lots of them. Back links help boost
your rankings in the search engines, thus gaining more exposure for
your website.

Remember that article marketing isn’t the cure-all answer to
advertising your business; it’s one piece of the pie. You also can’t
submit a handful of articles one time and expect to see results.

Article marketing requires persistence and patience. You should
plan to spend a certain number of hours each week writing and
submitting articles to promote your business. Pencil in this time
faithfully and stick to it. Within a few months (maybe even a few short
weeks!), you’ll begin to see the results of your hard work pay off.

Jacques de Villiers is sales and marketing consultant in Johannesburg, South Africa

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