January 21, 2013

Are You Making Poor Purchasing Decisions Because Of Good SEO?

Are You Making Poor Decisions because of good SEO?

For anyone who uses Internet marketing to generate quality sales leads, it is important to be on the Top 10 of Google and other search engines for your keyword. Of course, the Holy Grail of SEO is being #1.

Research tells us that most of us browsing on the Internet might go as far as page 3 of Google for our search. But, in reality, most of us only get as far as the 1st page.

Approximately 70% of us use organic search. Around 27% of us will click on your keyword if it is at a #1 position, we lose our enthusiasm at #2 with only around 11% of us going there. It get’s progressively worse from thereon.

Because we are busy, distracted, out of time or just plain lazy, we may contact three of the suppliers in the Top 10 and ask them for a quote or to meet with us.

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Is a page 1 service provider, the best provider?

Ponder on this for a moment. Are the best solution providers for your particular problem on page 1, 2 or even 3 of your favourite search engine? The answer must be, “not necessarily” or even an emphatic “no”. All it means is that there are some smart marketers who have a handle on SEO and how to get good rankings.

The only industry that has to be in the Top 10 of the search, in terms of credibility, are SEO and Internet marketing companies. If they’re trying to prove that they can get you top rankings in search, they’d better be eating their own dog food and proving their success model.

Some of the best solution providers may inadvertently be hiding their proverbial “light under the bushel” because they haven’t got their Internet marketing act together.

The space we play in

Let’s take the space the Jacques de Villiers Group plays in, for instance: sales improvement and motivational speaking. I’m one of those smart(ish) marketers that knows my way around a web page and has dabbled in SEO. This means that for the last five years or so, has been, without fail, in the Top 10 of Google ( for the keyword ‘sales training’. And, for the last two years, its sales management training pages have dominated. Does this mean Jacques de Villiers is the best sales and sales management trainer and sales motivational speaker in South Africa? Of course not.

In the sales training space I have noticed some new faces in the Top 10. They are getting traction with terms like top sales training expert, best motivational speakers, sales training courses, sales training tips, sales training in South Africa. They only do this because Google says this is what their target audiences are typing in.

In any given month in South Africa around 600 people are looking for sales training courses and 320 are looking for best motivational speakers. Listen, I play the game as well and put keywords in that will give me the best return on time and investment. I’ll not apologise for that. It’s probably the conservative Calvinist in me, but I’ve never quite been able to boast that I’m a ‘top, best, expert, guru, world-class, innovative, unique’ sales trainer or motivational speaker. (If you do find these showboating hyperbole phrases on my site, please let me know so I can get them off).

In the sales and motivation game there is no ‘best, greatest, best-of-breed (solely for dogs and cats), unique and wonderful’, there’s only ‘right-fit’. We all have strengths in different areas and our clients will need different solutions for different problems.

Download this article on PDF if you want to read it later or pass it along

What is one to do?

Finding a right-fit supplier is not cut and dried because there are so many variables.

  • Dig deeper. Go to page 4, 5 and 6 of Google when searching. You might find a gem
  • Look for case studies so you can see who else benefited from the company you’re checking out
  • Phone a sample of your suppliers clients and get the inside track
  • Check out social media and find out what people are saying about you potential supplier
  • Check out your potential supplier’s online videos the company produces
  • Ask around. Talk to other divisions in your company. They may already have solved the problem you have right now and can recommend a supplier

Don’t primarily be swayed by a Top 10 Google ranking when searching for a supplier- it may just be good marketing which doesn’t necessarily translate to a good solution. Be clear on what you want in a supplier and what you want from the supplier. And then go out there and do the hard yards and do a proper search.

Jacques de Villiers is a sales guru, a sales expert, sales specialist, the best motivational Sales training by Jacques de Villiersspeaker, unique, world-class, best-of-breed and best-in-show. OK, he really just helps companies improve their sales.

Download this article on PDF if you want to read it later or pass it along

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