March 26, 2019

Are you an Athenian or Spartan Sales Warrior?

Are you an Athenian or a Spartan sales warrior

If you’ve chosen the sales warrior path, then you need to ascertain wether you’re an Athenian or a Spartan.

“We have buried many Spartans beside the Kephisos,” said the Athenian. “Yes,” replied the Spartan, “but we have buried no Athenians beside the Eurotas.”

The Warrior Ethos – Steven Pressfield

This story plays out in the sales world, doesn’t it.?

Some sales people stay at home near the Kephisos and some venture out to the Eurotas.

The lesson I’ve taken from this (yes, I am also a Athenian sales warrior from time-to-time) is that it’s vital for us to get away from our comfort zone (the office) into our prospects’ offices.

We may leave our prospect’s office defeated, depressed and despondent but that’s ok.

Because as sales warriors we know that we have to spill blood to become successful in this game.

I’ve heard that the average sales person has a 30% success rate when it comes to winning deals. So, if you see 10 prospects that means that 70% will reject your offer. Metaphorically, you’ll be buried beside the Kephisos.

Whatever the ratio, the point is that you and I need to get in front of prospects if we want to succeed in sales.

What are you doing to get in front of prospects. The difference between being an Athenian sales warrior or a Spartan one is vast.

One will be successful and one probably won’t.

You choose: Athens or Sparta?

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