Are you a sales professional?

If you want to triumph as a sales professional there are two things that you should strive to master: courtesy and deliberateness.

  • Courtesy = putting your prospect and the organisation you serve first and being useful to them.
  • Deliberateness = mastering the process of selling i.e. developing the skills needed to become excellent as a sales professional.

You’re probably in one of two phases in your sales career right now.

  • You’re new in the sales game and need skills. Why not have a look at the foundational sales training course, The Architecture of Selling and check out if it can be helpful to you.
  • You have the skills but you’re having the stuffing kicked out of you by the market. You’ve lost your belief in your abilities and you’re struggling to find your mojo to reach the heights you once did. Why not have a look at Intent Selling and see if it can be helpful to you.

The Architecture of Selling

This is a foundational sales training course that teach you a set of essential skills so that you can close more sales more consistently.

  • Prospecting: how to find quality leads and secure appointments. Building your sales pipeline
  • Sales meeting: how to conduct a professional sales appointment:
    • Build rapport
    • Building your argument and establishing a benefit for the prospect
    • Needs analysis
      • Establishing your prospects’ pain points and figuring out if you have the right solution for the situation
      • Questioning techniques: Closed, open and elaborative questions
  • Presenting your solution
  • Asking for the sale (closing techniques)
  • Overcoming objections
  • Writing persuasive proposals
  • Customer relationship management: Once you’ve secured the sale, strategise on how you’re going to leverage your client for more sales

Intent Selling

If you already know how to sell but you’re not cracking it any more, then it is probably not a skills problem but a mindset problem. This piece of process is geared to get you on the right track again so that you can close more sales more consistently.

  • Figuring out why you’re stuck
  • Figuring out how to get the fire back into your belly so that you can love the work again
  • Get clear on what it is that makes you feel secure, significant, fulfilled and happy
  • Rethink and reset the goals in your life and recalibrate the direction of your life
  • Reconnect with what it takes to be human again
  • Use the process of selling to redesign your life

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